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A Video Look At How We Use Solar Tracking.

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Solar Tracking - How We Made A Solar Tracker

Click here to view the solar tracking video


Watch it on YouTube

Solar TrackerA set of plans is available. They are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and can be viewed and saved right from this site. Just click on the link below and hit the save button. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the plans.

We are making these plans available to everyone without charge on one condition.

If you download the plans and use them to make your own solar tracker, please make a donation for our efforts. We would like to continue making this site available to everyone. Your donation will help do so.

Click here to view the PDF file

I have always thought about using solar tracking for a solar panel. Commercial solar trackers are somewhat expensive but do extend the time that a solar panel receives solar energy. I have not purchased any yet but decided to make a small scale solar tracker that I use with our solar cooler.

The solar tracker uses a TV antenna rotator attached to a 2 inch pipe that is mounted on the ground. A photovoltaic solar panel is also attached to the 2 inch pipe. Since the rotator can be controlled by a remote control, I found a programmable one that I use to position the rotator to face the solar panel toward the sun at different times during the day. Even though it canít actually track on its own the way the commercial versions do, I can easily program it to follow the sunís path.

Please  visit the Living On Solar Blog to talk about or ask questions about solar tracking.

The video runs for 3 minutes and 17 seconds and shows how we use solar tracking. We hope that you enjoy the video. Please watch our other solar videos elsewhere on this site.

Click here to view the solar tracking video


Watch it on YouTube

Solar Tracking Links

This section is for specific links to sites that have information about solar tracking. If you know of any good sites, please let us know. We will check it out and post a link.

RED ROCK ENERGY  This is a great site full of info about heliostats and solar tracking. They make and sell electronic solar trackers.

SIA Electric - A group of enthusiasts from Romania with some products including an inexpensive solar tracker. You might need to click on the wind/solar link and use a language translator.

An interesting idea from The Netherlands: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_ETEL2L9Ag

Solar Tracking News

Tucson Electric Power Plans 6-Megawatt SunPower C7 Tracker System
(NASDAQ: SPWR) to incorporate six megawatts of its new C7 Tracker technology into a planned facility that will also include two megawatts of SunPower's T5 Solar Roof Tile technology. The SunPower C7 Tracker is a solar photovoltaic tracking system that ...
Robot-run solar tracking could tilt power up, costs down
Everyone knows that big solar arrays that can track the sun will deliver more power than fixed-tilt systems. The perennial question has been how best to accomplish the tracking. Now, with $6.5 million in new venture capital investment, a Silicon Valley ...
GM Installing Solar Tracking EV Station
The patent pending, dual synchronous EnvisionTrak solar tracking system allows the array to capture 25 percent more solar power than a conventional fixed solar canopy. The structure will produce up to 30,000 kilowatt hours a year and provide enough ...


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